Sunday, May 20, 2018

End of the Season

After winning our 7th straight Region Championships with both our boy's and girl's teams, we competed at State Thursday and Friday.  We went in ranked 3rd with boys and 4th with girls.  The athletes stepped up and competed hard and fought to the end.   It came down to the last event (4x400 relays) on both and our teams competed hard and we brought home two 2nd place trophies.  We had a great season and the athletes stepped up when they needed to.

Blake Freeland won the Shot Put and Javelin, and set a 6A state record for the Jav in the process, plus was 2nd in the Discus.  Blake should be 6A athlete of the year for his performance!  Jaren Kump won the Discus, and Karter Shaw was 3rd.  Jaren Kump was 2nd in the Shot Put, and Karter Shaw was 3rd.  Liam Post was 2nd in the 100 meter, and our 4x100 relay with AJ Keil, Liam Post, Austin Peterson, and Eli Stephenson took 3rd.   Other point contributors were:
Seth Roberston, Connor Glassey, Austin Pursley, Gavin Beierle, and Colton Lefler.

For girls:
Losa Latu won both Shot Put and Discus, Abby Tycksen was 2nd in the 100 meter, Leia Lapuaho was 3rd in Shot Put.  Other point contributors were: Olivia Worlton, Kayla Butterfield, Jade Bartniki, Sayge Mascaro, Jaylyn VanDyke, Marin Freeland, Gentri Wightman, Cassidy M. Henderson, Meg Nielsen, Mica Rivera, Make Taufa, and Emma Newbold.

Also Darin Beierle should be the event coach of the year for how his throwers competed at the State Championships!  Great job by all of the athletes and coaches this season!
We have our Track and Field Awards BBQ on Friday May 25th) at 6:00pm in the HS Cafeteria.  This is for those athletes (and parents) that actually finished the season and competed at Region and JV Region.  Please bring your favorite side dish or dessert to share.  We will give out Varsity Letters, Participation Certificates and we have a few special awards for outstanding athletes that we will present.  
Those interested in competing in Cross Country, we have a parent meeting in the Tech Atrium at 6:00pm on Thursday May 24th.  

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

State Championships

Team Dinner for those competing at State at Morning Cloak Park, 13627 Morning Cloak Way @ 6:00pm, hosted by Stephensons.  Bring a side dish.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Region Championships and May 7-12

 Region Champions 7 years straight!

First off, thanks to all of the coaches, athletes, and parents who helped with our Twilight Invitational.  That was a great meet and a good experience for our team and community.  Some of you went above and beyond to help it run smoothly.  THANK YOU!

Congrats to our Girl's and Boy's

Team for winning our meet! 

Region Championships are Wednesday and Thursday at Taylorsville.  We will only excuse the athletes who are competing at Region early from school.   The meet entries will be finalized on Monday night when the Region coaches seed the meet.

JV Region is next week on Tuesday, so those not competing at Region need to buckle down and get after it for one more week before your big meet.

Congrats to those who hit State Q marks at Twilight: Mica Rivera - 800 meter, Christa Merrill - Shot Put, Abby Tycksen - 200 meter, AJ Keil - 100 and 200 meter.

Order of Events

Wednesday, May 9th

2:30pm           Senior Recognitions

3:30pm           Girls 100m Hurdles / Boys 110m Hurdles TRIALS
4:00pm           Girls 100m Dash / Boys 100m Dash TRIALS
4:30pm           Girls 1600m Run FINALS
5:00pm           Girls 400m Dash / Boys 400m Dash TRIALS
5:30pm           Girls 300m Hurdles / Boys 300m Hurdles TRIALS
6:00pm           Boys 3200m Run FINALS
6:25pm           Girls 200m Dash / Boys 200m Dash TRIALS
6:45pm           Girls Medley Relay / Boys Medley Relay FINALS
3:00pm           Girls Discus FINALS
                        Boys Shot Put FINALS
                        Boys High Jump FINALS
                        Girls Long Jump FINALS
                        Girls Pole Vault FINALS

Thursday, May 10th
2:30pm           Academic All-Region Recognitions
3:30pm           Girls 100m Hurdles / Boys 110m Hurdles FINALS
3:40pm           Girls 100m Dash / Boys 100m Dash FINALS
3:50pm           Boys 1600m Run FINALS
4:00pm           Girls 4x100m Relay / Boys 4x100m Relays FINALS
4:10pm           Girls 400m Dash / Boys 400m Dash FINALS
4:20pm           Girls 300m Hurdles / Boys 300m Hurdles FINALS
4:30pm           Girls 800m Run / Boys 800m Run FINALS
5:00pm           Girls 200m Dash / Boys 200m Dash FINALS
5:10pm           Girls 3200m Run FINALS
5:40pm           Girls 4x400m Relay / Boys 4x400m Relay FINALS
5:55pm           Twinky Relay (Throwers Only)
3:00pm           Boys Discus FINALS
                        Girls Shot Put FINALS
                        Girls High Jump FINALS
                        Boys Long Jump FINALS
                        Boys Pole Vault FINALS
Girls Javelin FINALS
Boys Javelin FINALS

JV Region at Riverton on Tuesday at 3:00pm, buses leave at 2:00pm 

State Buses leave on Thursday and Friday next week at 7:00am

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Twilight Invite and April 30-May 5

The UHSAA is requiring us to get all of our physicals on the same expiration time table.  So here is the rule we need to follow the the upcoming seasons. 
1.  Any physical obtained before April 15, 2018 will expire on July 15, 2018.  (so if a soccer boy got a physical on March 1, 2018 he cant use it to run cross country in the fall because it will expire on July 15)
2  From now on, Any physical obtained after April 15, 2018 will be valid until July 15, 2019.  So the period a valid physical can last if it is obtained in April is up to 15 months.  

We are offering physicals thru the U on May 10, 2018.  Below is the info

When: Thursday, May 10th, 4:30PM-6:30PM

Where: University of Utah Health Care Orthopedic Center (5126 W Daybreak Pkwy, South Jordan, UT)

Cost: $20

(Please pay cash in advance with Herriman Main Office)

You must sign up and pay by Thursday, May 3rd, 2018!
For those not at practice on Thursday and Friday we talked about the necessity of being at practice everyday.  We gave the ultimatum of either beat practice or be done.  It is pretty disheartening for us as coaches to show up to practice and have 6-100 athletes there when we have 280 on the roster!  This is part of the reason why we have went from winning 4 straight State titles and 2nd place trophies to barely being ranked top 5 with both girls and boys, and now creeping into top 3.  We need to fix these things and step it up, it is crunch time!  Be committed or be done!   Thanks to those athletes who are there everyday working hard, it will pay off for you!

We have our Twilight Invitational this week on Friday evening, this is the big one for us!  All Athletes that are and are not competing are expected to be there to help.  There will be a $2 charge for all spectators.  The Field Events will start at 2:45pm and the Running Events at 3:45pm.   We want this meet to run as smoothly and quickly as possible and will need your help to do it.  If you are not at Twilight to help then you will NOT compete at Region or JV Region, which means you are pretty much done.  Be there and be helping!  We will also be prepping for this meet beforehand at a couple of practices this week.  Schedule is at the bottom of this post.

If parents would like to help we can always use extra help.  Athletes will be given assignments at practices this week.  Most athletes will likely help with their related events for the most part and parents can help with those events as well, i.e. if your athlete is a long jumper then we could use your help with long jump.  Talk to the event coach and let them know if you can help for all or part of the time.  Ideally we would do shifts of helpers.  We can use parent help with taking money at the gate, all field events, awards peristyle, concessions, finish line, etc.  Contact Deborah Bracken at if you would like to be involved and help and let her know what you would like to help with, along with the times you are available.

Congrats to those athletes who hit State Q marks at Davis Invite: Gordan Madison - High Jump (6-1 New School Record), Liam Post - 200 meter, Losa Latu - Discus.

Congrats to those event champions at Davis Invite: Liam Post- Open 100m, Austin Peterson - Open 400m, Taylor Burgess - Open 3200m, Mica Rivera - Seeded 1600m and 3200m, Losa Latu - Seeded Shot Put and Discus, Jaren Kump Seeded Shot Put and Discus.

Schedule of Events
            Running Events (3:45pm)     Field Events   (2:45pm)          Field Events (5:00pm)
            Medley Relay                          Girls Long Jump                     Boys Long Jump
            100/110 Hurdles                     Boys High Jump                     Girls High Jump
100m Dash                              Girls Discus                             Boys Discus
1600m Run                             Boys Shot Put                         Girls Shot Put
4x100m Relay                         Boys Javelin                            Girls Javelin
400m Dash                              Girls Pole Vault                      Boys Pole Vault
300m Hurdles
800m Run
200m Dash
3200m Run
4x400m Relay
Throwers 4x100 Relay

Sunday, April 22, 2018

April 23-28

Two meets again this week.  Taylorsville at our place on Tuesday at 3:30pm and Saturday is the Davis Invite for those who get in. 
Buses Leave for Davis on Saturday at 7:10am

Great job to those who competed hard on Wednesday at Copper Hills and Friday at Woods Cross!  Good things!  Still a lot of work to do though, so take advantage of the nice weather and work hard this week.Also good effort by those athletes who competed at the BYU Multi.

Congrats to those who hit State Q marks at Wildcat Invite: Leia Lapuaho and Maka Taufa - Shot Put, Boys 4X400 (Eli Stephenson, AJ Keil, Austin Peterson, Liam Post).

Sunday, April 15, 2018

April 16-21

We have two meets this week, we will be at Copper Hills on Wednesday at 3:30pm and Wildcat Invite on Friday 3:00pm at Woods Cross.  Pole Vault will be 3:00pm at Davis on Thursday for the Wildcat Invite.  They will be running two pits at a time.

Great job by those who competed at both West Jordan on Wednesday and at the Taylorsville Invite over the weekend.  Taylorsville was one long meet, but we saw some good things out our athletes and know where we are at and what we need to work on to get where we want to be.  Congrats to both Boys and Girls for winning the Taylorsville Invite!

Congrats to those who hit State Q marks at Taylorsville Invite: Mica Rivera - 1600 meter,  Kayla Butterfield - 300 Hurdles, Abby Tycksen - 100 meter, Olivia Worlton - Discus, Blake Freeland - Discus.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

April 9-14

We hope everyone had a good spring break and are ready to really get rolling now.  Make sure you are at practice everyday and communicating with your coaches.  

We have two meets this week, one at West Jordan on Wednesday 3:30pm for everyone and the other at the Taylorsville Invite on Saturday for those who the coaches decide to have compete.  All athlete needs to ride the bus to West Jordan, and we will check the athletes out of school a bit early, with 9th graders being checked out with enough time to get to the bus.  Please plan accordingly.