Sunday, April 15, 2018

April 16-21

We have two meets this week, we will be at Copper Hills on Wednesday at 3:30pm and Wildcat Invite on Friday 3:00pm at Woods Cross.  Pole Vault will be 3:00pm at Davis on Thursday for the Wildcat Invite.  They will be running two pits at a time.

Great job by those who competed at both West Jordan on Wednesday and at the Taylorsville Invite over the weekend.  Taylorsville was one long meet, but we saw some good things out our athletes and know where we are at and what we need to work on to get where we want to be.  Congrats to both Boys and Girls for winning the Taylorsville Invite!

Congrats to those who hit State Q marks at Taylorsville Invite: Mica Rivera - 1600 meter,  Kayla Butterfield - 300 Hurdles, Abby Tycksen - 100 meter, Olivia Worlton - Discus, Blake Freeland - Discus.

Spirit Packs are finally almost done and will be in this Thursday.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

April 9-14

We hope everyone had a good spring break and are ready to really get rolling now.  Make sure you are at practice everyday and communicating with your coaches.  

We have two meets this week, one at West Jordan on Wednesday 3:30pm for everyone and the other at the Taylorsville Invite on Saturday for those who the coaches decide to have compete.  All athlete needs to ride the bus to West Jordan, and we will check the athletes out of school a bit early, with 9th graders being checked out with enough time to get to the bus.  Please plan accordingly. 

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Spring Break and April 2-7

Talk to your event coaches about practices during Spring break, and make sure to get workouts from them if you are heading out of town. Make sure you do NOT take the week off!

We saw a lot of good things this week between our 2 meets, and a lot we still need to work on.  Continue to keep trying to progress and get better, and don't forget to do the "little things". We are on the right track, but still have a long way to go. Thanks for all that stayed in the freezing cold and helped with our duel meet with Riverton on Tuesday. 

Both Boys and Girls won the Copper Hills Invitational.

Congrats to those who hit State Q marks at Copper Hills Invite: Mica Rivera - 3200 Meter, Girls Medley Relay - (Kayla Butterfield, Abby Tycksen, Gentri Wightman, Mica Rivera).

Congrats to Losa Latu for her new 6 A State record in Shot Put (45-8)

Sunday, March 25, 2018

March 26-31

Parents and Athletes,
We are having a major commitment issue with some of our team that needs to be fixed immediately!  Athletes need to be at practice everyday, no excuses.  The following is from the disclosure that you all signedAttendance- Athletes are expected to be at practice on a daily basis. Practice is not optional! Absences are to be cleared through one of the coaching staff, the event coach you are working with, and Varsity absences will always need to be cleared through Coach Barnes. We understand that family and life issues come up and want to be sensitive to those things. However, frequent or unexcused absences are not tolerated. The first offense will result in not competing in the next meet. Athletes are still expected to attend and support competing teammates at this time. The second and further offenses could result in suspension or termination from the team. This also includes meets. Make sure you are making our meets a priority! This is a high school athletic team and athletes should treat their position on the team as an honor and work their hardest to be the best teammate possible.
We are going to really start cracking down on this and will start making cuts, especially after Spring Break.  

Two meets this week, Riverton at Herriman a on Tuesday at 3:30pm and Copper Hills Invite on Saturday.
Saturday is an Invite, so only those who meet qualifying standards and who the coaches choose will go to this meet.  
Tuesday's meet will have the entire team competing.  All Athletes need to plan on competing in at least 3 if not 4 events.  No one should do only 1 event.  Talk to the coaches at practice on Monday to register for events.  We need everyone to help and expect you to stay the entire meet.  Plan accordingly, thanks.

Most of the uniforms are in and need to be picked up on Monday.  There are still some on order for those who turned in receipts, sizes, and eligibility late.

Congrats to those who hit State Q marks at Davis Super Meet:  Cassidy D. Henderson - High Jump, Losa Latu and Viola Talifa- Shot Put, Cassidy M. Henderson -100 meter, Girls 4x100 Relay - (Lauren Hyer, Emma Newbold, Cassidy M. Henderson, Abby Tycksen), James Dunyon -110 hurdles and 200 meter,  Karter Shaw, and Jaren Kump - Shot Put and Discus, Blake Freeland - Javelin.

Jaren Kump set a new 6A Shot Put Record 60-2, congrats!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

March 12-17

Hopefully everyone got their eligibility in.  For some reason a lot of you really struggled with doing this, and when you did turn stuff in it was a piece her and a piece there.  In the future it is easier for everyone to get it done early and turn it all in together, so those who will be around in the future please remember that.

Spirit Pack Store closes Monday Night!

We have only had about 40 athletes out of 265 have done any fundraising so far.  We are currently at 1/4 of the funds that we have brought in the last two years. Although this is optional, we would highly encourage participation.  Our equipment is very expensive and we have recently spent thousands of dollars on badly needed new High Jump and Pole Vault pads.  The more help the better, and we are not asking you to go sell cookie dough, just shoot out a few texts. 
Thanks to those who have participated so far!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

March 5-10

Parents and Athletes,  
We don't want to be a broken record but Eligibility is dues the week, and many of you have yet to complete the requirements.  You CANNOT be on the team and compete without doing this.  Please take care of this ASAP.  See the Eligibility Page above for instructions.  March 6th is the deadline!

Spirit Packs can only be ordered this week so follow the links to the team store and order your gear.  Those wanting to use fundraising credit for Spirit Pack items need to have a conversation with Coach Barnes and do that through him.

We have only had 38 athletes out of 265 have done any fundraising so far, even after we spent half of practice on Wednesday giving athletes fundraising info.  Although this is optional, we would highly encourage participation.  Our equipment is very expensive and we have recently spent thousands of dollars on new High Jump and Pole Vault pads.  The more help the better, and we are not asking you to go sell cookie dough, just shoot out a few texts.  

Uniforms sizes need to be submitted to Coach Barnes if you haven't done so. 


Sunday, February 25, 2018

Track starts

Track starts February 26, we will meet in the weight room at 2:50pm everyday.  Freshman get there ASAP.  See the last post for what needs to be done.  
Please give hard copies of Report Cards and receipts to Coach Barnes or Coach James, (this includes uniform sizes).  Everything else should be uploaded to registermyathlete. Please don't email this info.
9th graders and parents, please do not ask to leave school early to get to practice, please just get there ASAP. 
Spike Nights will be Feb 28- Mar 1 from 7:00-8:30pm at Run Gr8 in Riverton.  This is a good time to get spikes and/or trainers if needed.

Spirit Pack if link is to the right and the code is: bTCckXPYqs if needed